NOTE: Joel Malkoff was unschooled and loves Parkour, Music, and learning about how humans treat themselves and each other. Joel was the very first work trader in the house, he boldly rode his bike just about everywhere and is responsible for gleefully knocking out many walls and generally kicking butt. 


There is a house in Seattle that sits on a hill. Go one way and you are immersed in the woods walking through gardens, under small bridges on a path that leads you to lake washington.
On a clear day you are met with an amazing view of the surrounding mountains.
Go another way and you are headed through the surrounding neighborhood to the community gardens, perhaps just to walk and take in the care that has been put into them. Maybe you meet the neighbors in the community or if you are there in the spring maybe you are buying starter plants for your garden and learning from the gardening wizards you will find there. Go yet another way you will find beautiful houses, bus stops, local shops and beautiful parks.
Go another way still and you might walk up some outdoor steps and to the front door of this house on a hill.
While living in Seattle this house is one of many things that helped create a wonderful trip, a big part of that being the kindness shared with me during my stay. This house is also in a great location. Its right by lake washington, many grocery stores, a bus stop that will take you downtown, and the neighborhood is beautiful as well.
Evan is truly interested in creating a house that people want to live in. He works hard at finding solutions to the challenges that come up when many people are living under the same roof – from shared items in the kitchen to divvying up chores in a fair way,  it is reflected not only by the social dynamics Evan gives the space, but also in the design of the master renovation plans for the house. This house is definitely Evans baby and its easy to tell when you start talking with him about it. I felt very welcomed in this house and I had a great stay here. I have been friends with Evan for a few years now and after my stay the friendship has only grown stronger, he is doing well by his house and those that come to stay in it.